A gaming strategy is now essential for brands to engage with young audiences

We’ve been tracking kids’ ever increasing engagement with the gaming space for years now, most recently in our 2020 report How The Kids Gaming Ecosystem Has Changed. Two things are clear: kids are spending more time in online games than ever before, with the average kid in the UK now gaming for over eight hours a week. More importantly, the nature of that time is changing. Rather than being closed, single activity games, major game platforms like Roblox are now social spaces, in which kids play games, connect with friends, consume content, go to events, and express themselves.

Gaming is becoming a new mode of engagement for the next generation. We’re in the foothills of the metaverse, what Roblox CEO Dave Baszucki describes as a new “a human co-experience utility.”

If you’re a brand that needs to engage a youth audience, get ready. Because you’re going to need a gaming strategy

How SuperAwesome Gaming brought L.O.L. Surprise! into the gaming ecosystem

Last year, we quietly put together a new initiative: SuperAwesome Gaming. SA Gaming is a consulting team focused on helping brands build gaming strategies to engage with younger audiences. This week we unveiled our first partnership — working with MGA Entertainment to take L.O.L. Surprise!, the #1 toy brand in the US, into Roblox.

L.O.L. Surprise! Official Party will include digital versions of MGA’s hit dolls. Players will have the opportunity to interact with L.O.L. Surprise! in ways they never have before — including exploring the L.O.L. universe, changing outfits and accessories, participating in dance-offs, and more. Ahead of the game’s launch, fans can also sign up for a chance to play with popular gaming creators through our “Game with Me” feature, designed to offer unique and engaging experiences for young audiences. 

In addition to being our first activation, this partnership perfectly illustrates three of our fundamental beliefs about gaming:

  • Strategy first. Yes, you’ll need a gaming strategy. But even that statement is reductive. Gaming is complex, multifaceted, and fast-moving — propelled by the ever-changing play patterns of kids and Young Teens. SuperAwesome Gaming is a strategic advisor that can help brands understand this evolving ecosystem and craft the right long-term, insights-driven approach to delight young audiences, as we’ve done throughout our partnership with L.O.L.
  • Content and community are core. A plan to be in gaming may require you to build your own games (and we’ve built a great Roblox world for L.O.L). But simply building a game isn’t enough; kids and Young Teens crave different ways to interact with content, both actively and passively. Beyond the gameplay itself, games should serve as an engine for community, engagement, and content production. We’ve helped bring some of the world’s biggest gaming creators into the game to play with L.O.L. fans. Those unique community experiences will also form the basis for content over the coming months. 
  • Non-toxic technology is essential. SuperAwesome’s mission is to remedy the internet’s original sin: forgetting about kids. We shouldn’t repeat that mistake as we build out the kids’ online gaming realm. Our research tells us that while kids crave the recognition, excitement, and social experience that gaming can bring them, they want to enjoy these experiences in a safe and respectful environment. As we build kids’ gaming, we need to balance rich experiences with safe play. With the enhanced moderation and proprietary tools (like Game with Me) we’re bringing to our partnership with L.O.L., we’re doing just that.

What’s next for SuperAwesome Gaming?

The kids gaming ecosystem is quickly evolving. In the coming months, we’ll announce further partnerships, extend our range of tools, publish new research, and roll out more game experiences.

But for now, we’re thrilled to share this new offer and ready to game with you. 

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