In 2018, kids were 40% of all new internet users globally. Across the world, new laws for kids privacy, screen-time and online identity are being passed in reaction to this trend. This has significant impacts for the world’s biggest technology companies.

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SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins spoke with Uptin Saiidi onstage at RISE Conference 2019 in Hong Kong this week. They discussed what changes are in store for games companies, social networks and video platforms, as well as the growing need for kidtech.

“Advertisers are starting to realise that when they are operating in environments that are only ever designed for adults, they have huge risks in terms of brand exposure.”

“You are really seeing much more involvement by the biggest brands in the world who want to be responsible, they want to be safe, and they are now looking for and calling on the major technology companies to invest in safety for kids.”

For more discussion, including why none of the major technology companies have created a ‘chief children’s officer’ role yet, listen to the full talk here.

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