Looking for an engaged, tech-savvy audience with both spending power and influence? Meet the Older Teens group, made up of millions of 16-19 year olds who may be the most important people that you’re not yet reaching.

Older Teens are a distinct audience in a transitional life stage. They’re in school and living at home. They’re working new jobs and getting ready for the next phase of life. They’re becoming independent and still learning who they are. And throughout all this, they’re digitally connected and making decisions about their brand preferences  that will last a lifetime.

Older Teens need an authentic, thoughtful strategy that respects their individuality, interests, and growth. Brands overlook this influential audience at their own risk. Here’s why:

1. Their personal spending power is increasing.

Older Teens are becoming financially independent. As their resources and responsibilities increase, so does the size of their purchasing decisions—this group is investing billions of their personal dollars in products that matter to them across entertainment, gaming, retail, beauty, and more. And if Older Teens care about your brand today, they’ll care about it tomorrow. Research shows that when Older Teens like a brand or product, they’ll follow it for decades.

2. They’re embracing the role of parental consultant.

Older Teens are doing a lot with their newfound independence, including using their preferences and expertise to influence parental spend. At this age, Older Teens will have an opinion on major tech purchases made by parents, like mobile phones and laptops, and help to guide decision making. And their impact doesn’t end if they leave home—whether it’s through holiday gifts, resources for living on their own, or bigger ticket purchases outside their budget, Older Teens continue to shape parental spending habits.

3. Older Teens take their cues from peers—and brands.

It’s no secret that 16-19 year olds are relying less on parents and more on friends, peers, influencers, and brands to guide their decisions. This presents a unique opportunity to establish connections with Older Teens. This cohort is the most active and vocal age group on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and BeReal, meaning that brand preferences and product recommendations are rapidly shared if you are able to reach them.

4. What’s appropriate for Older Teens is safe for brands.

No brand wants their ads to be associated with distasteful or inappropriate content, but it can be difficult to avoid when working with third-party platforms. Brand-safe ad placement requires a curation strategy that vets content for age appropriateness over and above third-party platform algorithms. Engaging Older Teens with an in-house curation strategy or through a reliable partner like SuperAwesome results in a valuable set of brand safety best practices.

5. Their digital experiences lead to real-world purchases.

Although Older Teens are spending time and money online, we know that the majority are investing in real-life items and experiences, like clothes and food. As their digital presence grows, they’re also increasingly out in the world with friends, school, and work. This creates a rich opportunity for brands to craft smart digital strategies that translate to real-world purchases and influence among an important audience.

The Older Teens cohort is a unique audience that can be impactful for your brand. SuperAwesome has the tools and expertise to engage this group today. Contact our team to learn more about SuperAwesome’s innovative solutions.