Last week I talked about our financials in an interview with Dean Takahashi at Venturebeat. In 2018 SuperAwesome hit a revenue run-rate of $64m. This year we’ll take that same measure to almost $100m. Every month our various kidtech products are powering safe, private digital engagements for over 500m kids as they play games, watch videos and engage with their communities online.

We’re now 140 people dedicated to building technology which combines privacy for children with functionality for the content owners, developers and brands in the kids digital media ecosystem. Over 260 customers proudly display the SuperAwesome logo on their kid-safe ads, their safe-social communities, their parent portals and many other types of digital engagement. As far as I’m aware, we’re the fastest growing kidtech business in the world. Oh, and we’re also profitable.

We’re not (yet) a public company so why do I mention these figures? Quite simply because I want people to understand our scale and sustainability but also the mission we’re on. The bigger SuperAwesome becomes, the safer the internet is for kids. But scale enables some other interesting things.

Officially, YouTube doesn’t have kids on its platform. So for family content creators who have an under-13 audience, YouTube doesn’t (and can’t) provide any tools, community features, content standards or deliberate monetization (in fact many family content creators are seeing declining ad CPMs on their channels).

We’re in a unique position to explore a video service for the needs of under-13 (and family) content creators. It’s not about competing with YouTube, but – as with our comprehensive existing suite of tools – complementing it (our platform already delivers tens of millions of dollars annually to content owners and powers their u13 community engagement). And, as with everything we do, focusing on kids privacy and safety.

If you’re a content creator/influencer in the family space, this is all about your needs. If we’re not already talking, please get in touch.