You discovered an ad that
is safe for kids!

Nice work! You’ve found a SAFE AD, an ad that features the coolest content and is 100% safe to click!
SAFE ADs are delivered through kid-safe technology from SuperAwesome

Stuff you like!
All SAFE ADs  contain characters, shows, toys, movies and more that are suited to you and your friends! This means you won’t ever come across boring adult stuff or any ads that make you feel uncomfortable (we remove all the dodgy stuff).

No following you around!
SuperAwesome checks all the ads before giving them the SAFE AD badge, to make sure they don’t do anything nasty when you click on them (like spying on where you are online).

Hanging out in the right places!
SuperAwesome makes sure that SAFE ADs only appear in the safest and most fun corners of the internet. So even if you click around the ad, you’ll still be super-safe.


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We know that it can be hard to keep track of everything your children are doing online across multiple screens. SuperAwesome’s SAFE AD watermark helps protect your child from harmful advertising content by certifying which ads are safe for your child to click on and ensuring their personal information is never collected without your consent.

No pressure to buy

No harmful content

Parental permissions

No tracking

The SAFE AD watermark signifies:

All ads served by SuperAwesome technology are watermarked, ensuring campaigns benefit from the highest standard of digital safety for kids.

What is SuperAwesome?

SuperAwesome is a team of super heroes, with one mission: to build a better internet for YOU. Sound epic? Well, it kind of is! The SuperAwesome team work with amazing brands, websites and apps to make sure they are giving you the most exciting, fun and safe experiences, from top class games, to jaw-dropping videos, quizzes, competitions and more!

SuperAwesome's SAFE AD technology also powers the services of great partners that are helping make the internet safer for kids: TotallyAwesome in Asia and Kids Corp in Latin America.

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