Partners have the option of featuring a digital sticker pack on PopJam. PopJammers can choose to download the digital stickers and are able to place them in the posts they create. They can use them on photos, in comments or to create unique art.

These are created, as a paid service, by our content team. If you have received this guide, you are considering creating your own sticker pack. This document provides direction on design work and the assets that our team needs to receive to build the pack.

The digital sticker packs should feature between 12 to 20 individual images. If you agreed with your partner manager that you would provide stickers individually, we require the stickers as a layered psd, with each sticker as a smart object if possible and on a separate layer, see template_stickers.psd. The images should have a transparent background and be sized within the guides on the template. The stickers should be ordered in number priority if you wish them to appear in an order.

Please name with the following convention: name_01, name_02, etc

If this is not possible talk to us about providing hi­res images or an illustrator file

Header image

The header image acts as the banner that will feature at the top of the sticker store and on the carousel at the top of the Discovery Tab. Please see the template_stickerstorebanner.psd template for guidelines. Feel free to change the colour of the title, company name and price (FREE) to a combination of colours which works with the header image. Export as a jpg without the text and buttons.

Promotional Post

The promotional post that you produce will alert PopJammers to the awesome new stickers that are available for them to download. Please see template_promotional_post.psd for a 608×608 document. Select a sticker badge colour which complements your image. Please do not move this layer. Customise the footer text and choose a colour from the selection, using either black or white for the text.

What we require

  • The PSD file with your stickers on individual layers
  • Header image
  • Promotional post*
  • The sticker you would like to be used as the main icon
  • The title of the pack
  • The company name

Turnaround time: 1 week

*You will need to provide these images if you agreed to design your own creatives


We love:

  • Stickers that represent your brand
  • Stickers that are fun to use and that will make sense in any context!


Let’s avoid:

  • Long or wide stickers
  • Overcomplicated cut­outs
  • Sets that lack variety in shape and colour
  • Stickers with inappropriate content, such as drinking, swearing, etc.