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In Episode 6 of #Kidtech, Emma Scott, CEO of  Beano Studios, speaks to Dylan Collins about how a long career of disruption has culminated in building a digital platform around the UK’s best-loved and longest-running children’s comic. Beano Studios, a rebellious entertainment network powered by creativity, data and insight, has succeeded  where others have failed, integrating their historic brand into the new digital ecosystem.



A mother herself, Emma discusses the digital health of kids, screen time and Big Tech’s (lack of) response to the fact that children are online in their masses. This episode, which also covers Gen Alpha and the concept of self-censorship in a must-listen for content creators, publishers, advertisers and parents alike.

Kidtech is a podcast hosted by SuperAwesome’s CEO Dylan Collins, featuring interviews with the people shaping the digital kids sector. From startup founders and toy industry legends to policy-makers and YouTube content creators, listen to #Kidtech to hear a range of expert perspectives on this growing industry.

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