In Episode 19 of #Kidtech, Craig Donaghy, Head of Community Insight at PopJam (SuperAwesome’s kid-safe community platform) and Sam Clough, a leading family consultant, discuss how kids actually think about online safety.

Sam and Craig trade opinions on how much kids understand about data privacy, their own concerns around online responsibility and thoughts on ‘sharenting’. They also share some insights on how kids treat big companies storing their data, and the importance of trust and transparency.

From online bullying to hacking to social identity, this episode covers everything you need to know about the behaviours and opinions of kids online. Sam’s research and Craig’s insight – together with sound bites from the PopJam community – makes this episode essential material for anyone in the kids industry.

Kidtech is a podcast hosted by the team at SuperAwesome, featuring interviews with the people shaping the digital kids sector. From startup founders and toy industry legends to policy-makers and YouTube content creators, listen to #Kidtech to hear a range of expert perspectives on this growing industry.

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