In 2019 we launched #Kidtech, the podcast that goes behind the scenes with the people and companies influencing the digital kids sector. 

Season One featured a series of incredible guests across many different areas of the kidtech sphere. You can take a glance back at some of Season One’s highlights here (if you’re only going to listen to one, make it LEGO’s Rob Lowe, our most-listened episode of the year). 

What will Season 2 bring? We don’t want to give away too many spoilers but our line-up includes key people from politics, advertising, toys, publishing, media and technology who are shaping the digital kids landscape. 

Keep an eye out later this week for Season Two, Episode One, featuring FTC Commissioner Rebecca Slaughter, discussing *that* YouTube fine and the digital kids privacy landscape.
You can download, subscribe or listen to this and all previous episodes from Season One here.