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Children will influence over $21B in US back-to-school spending

Generation Alpha are the new focus for marketers world-wide, with kids born in 2010 or later exerting a powerful influence on household spending. In a recent survey by Hotwire, 81% of parents in the US reported that the opinions of their children played a significant role in their spending, particularly when it came to tech. Generation Alpha are influencing household decisions all year round – but never more so than during the all-important back-to-school period.

COPPA-compliant programmatic advertising with our KidSafe Filter

The recent enforcement action against Oath’s ad exchange (formerly known as AOL) for breaching COPPA has put a spotlight on programmatic advertising to children. The case highlighted some important issues including the fact that using the ‘COPPA flag’ does not work. In fact, the only guaranteed way for advertisers to be compliant in programmatic ad buying is through a dedicated kidtech solution.   

How we scale our kid-safe technology using Kubernetes

At SuperAwesome, we build technology that makes the internet safer for kids. Every month, we handle requests from hundreds of millions of kids located all around the world. These kids use their devices moderately in the morning, a little bit during the day, and a lot in the evening. As a result, we had to build highly scalable systems that would respond automatically to that demand.

Kids trend alert: Gacha, Dollify, and digital dolls

Are dolls going digital? PopJammers are going crazy about Gacha and Dollify.

PopJam, our safe-social platform for under 13s, has always been a place for kids to share their latest trends in a safe and creative community.

Through spikes of activity in November and December we saw several new trends appearing. In our Kids Trend Predictions for 2019 blog we mentioned that Gacha was a kid-predicted trend, particularly for YouTube content – and Gacha has truly arrived.