The Super Bowl is an event for the whole family, and the excitement surrounding the game isn’t limited solely to football fans. In fact, one third of kids and teens aged 6-19 expect all of their friends to watch the upcoming Super Bowl. Young audiences are invested in this monocultural event and excited to talk about it with their friends and families.

Our study on the Super Bowl surveyed 1,238 kids and teens in the US on how they plan to enjoy Super Bowl LVI. Read on for our specific insights about how young audiences feel about the big game:

Young audiences will watch more content around the Super Bowl than their parents

Over 25% of kids and teens aged 6-19 think they’ll watch more of the Super Bowl than the rest of their family. This is particularly true for kids aged 6-9 and older teens over 16, with one-third of audiences in those age groups saying they’ll watch more of the game than their parents.

Young audiences are eagerly anticipating this event, and are even more eager to talk about it. Our Super Bowl study shows that these conversations will take place in real life, as well as in digital spaces, during and after the big game. The majority of youths plan to talk about the event at school, but kids and teens will also be talking about the Super Bowl on messaging apps (16%), gaming platforms (16%), and social media for over 13s(15%). Engaging the influential youth audience creates a halo effect of natural talkability.

56% of young people say ads are more special during the Super Bowl

It’s no secret that Super Bowl ads are exciting for audiences of all ages, but did you know young audiences (teenagers, in particular) put a premium value on ads in and around the big game? To leverage the halo effect around Super Bowl ads with kids and teens, consider connecting your brand to the football season through kid-safe gamified ads or partnering with kid- and teen-safe influencers to drive engagement.

Though kids and teens will watch the most Super Bowl content, the game is a family event

As part sporting event, part media sensation, and part party, the Super Bowl is a monocultural event that generates widespread excitement across parent and child audiences. 1 in 4 kids and teens aged 6-19 said they are looking forward to watching the game with their family and friends. 

This excitement applies to families watching the game together and those watching it apart. 27% of young audiences in the US say they will be texting their friends and family during the game about content around the event. Because of this, engaging kids and teens directly during Super Bowl season can help brands be a part of the family discussion.

Many kids and teens are a hyper-focused audience during the game

Don’t assume that young people will be distracted during the game. Our research shows that one third of kids and teens will be watching the Super Bowl with no interruptions this year. This speaks to young audiences’ excitement surrounding the game and shows that kids and teens view the Super Bowl as a special event worthy of their full attention.

A smaller percentage of young audiences will be heading to social platforms to talk about the event. TikTok will be more popular than YouTube during the Super Bowl, driven by 13-16 year old young teens, with 25% planning to use the platform. Trailing behind TikTok, watching streams and highlights of the event on YouTube and scrolling through Instagram will also be popular activities with kids and teens during the game. 

How can your brand become part of the Super Bowl conversation?

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Sources: (2021-2022) Rapid Survey, 1,238 interviewed across the US