Kids are spending more time online than ever before. Rather than trying to lock children out, digital services should welcome them. This means that developers must ensure that their experiences are ready for younger players. 

Children’s data privacy laws are complex and vary globally. In some cases, developers may even be surprised to learn that these laws already apply to their services. Many common features in apps may trigger a requirement to obtain verifiable parental consent. For example, the collection or sharing of user-generated content, live chat functions, collecting precise geolocation, profiling users for features including push notifications or multiplayer matching — all these may require parental consent under data privacy laws. 

Data Privacy Week, which runs from January 24-28, aims to empower individuals and businesses to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust throughout the industry. 

To celebrate Data Privacy Week, we’re launching a new video to give developers an overview of the kids’ digital compliance landscape and empower them to create fun, safe and appropriate experiences for audiences of all ages. 

In this module you’ll be given an introduction to relevant data protection laws, including how they have evolved to cover more experiences and more children, and what we may expect in the future. The course also provides practical guidance on when developers may need to consider implementing verifiable parental consent and SuperAwesome’s best practices and tips on future-proofing your product as we head into the metaverse.

Check it out:

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