Safer Internet Day’s messaging this year is to “Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you” – and no one wants this more than the latest generation. We’re proud to celebrate Safer Internet Day on the industry’s biggest kid-safe social-content platform, PopJam.

With millions of kids engaging with hundreds of channels, we asked them to give us their tips for online safety.

Online safety tips from PopJammers

  • “Always never share personal information, like your age, school and address.”
  • “My top tips are 1. don’t tell anyone online your personal details 2. don’t show your face online.  If you follow these rules you will be safe and happy on social media.”
  • “Don’t share passwords with others, not even your BFF.”
  • “Never meet someone that you talk to online, unless you know them personally.”
  • “Don’t post pics of yourself or without a PJ filter (our filters obscure the face, so that the user is unidentifiable).”
  • “Remember, there is ALWAYS someone for you to talk to about your problems, whether that be a teacher or parent/ guardian.”
  • “Don’t lie about your age to get on a website, the website could be inappropriate for your age.”
  • “Don’t hate on people just because you’re bored.”
  • “Don’t bully, although you can’t see your victim, they get heartbroken from your insults.”
  • “Be yourself! I don’t really think there’s much more I can say!”

This kind of awareness doesn’t come from nowhere – it comes from a community where staff and users alike are unafraid to share their opinions, experiences and ideas. 

Safer Internet Day echoes the ethos of PopJam – encouraging kids to explore, create and learn, whilst being safe online. We’re always offering safety and positive online behaviour posts, and the kids react to them with their own tips and excitement. 

Just like the last few years, we’re engaging kids with content focused on online safety, digital citizenship and resilience. This has been so popular in the past that this year we’ve rolled out a whole week of online safety activities, with Safer Internet Day at the centre on Tuesday 6th of February.

(Btw, have you ever wondered what kids are actually afraid of online? We asked them, check out their answers here).

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Craig Donaghy is Head of Community for PopJam, the largest kid-safe social content platform in the world.