Mattel’s CTO Sven Gerjets joined our CEO Dylan Collins onstage at Collision Conference in New Orleans for a comprehensive discussion on the future of tech and toys in the kids market.

Speaking with Leah Hunter of Fast Company, they cover the necessity for creating responsible digital experiences for kids, what a zero-data internet looks like in practice, and how ensuring that products are private by design can ensure that kids grow up in a safe environment.

Watch them in action here:

Collision Conf: Tech and toys with Mattel CTO Sven Gerjets, Superawesome CEO Dylan Collins and @fast Fast Company Writer Leah Hunter

Mattel's CTO, Sven Gerjets, Superawesome's CEO, Dylan Collins and Fast Company's writer, Leah Hunter: Join Mattel CTO and SuperAwesome CEO as they discuss the future of tech and toys.

Posted by Collision Conf on Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Mattel is just one of many major kids brands using SuperAwesome technology to enable safe digital engagement with their global under-13 audience.

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