In Episode 17 of #Kidtech, Stuart Dredge, freelance journalist and writer for Music Ally, Observer and The Week Junior, joins  SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins to discuss everything from the original children’s app landscape to TikTok; from kids gaming to kids news. And Snoop Dogg, naturally.

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Stuart sat with Dylan in London to chat about the challenges Big Tech faces in having to acknowledge the presence of children on their platforms, and the future of YouTube in the wake of the landmark FTC decision. 

Stuart also dives into his own personal experience as a parent of two young boys, discussing how he handles their use of YouTube, Fortnite and other digital media consumption. He also addresses how even being a parent who works in tech hasn’t equipped him to deal with the challenges of parenting in the digital age.

#Kidtech is a podcast hosted by SuperAwesome’s CEO Dylan Collins, featuring interviews with the people shaping the digital kids sector. From startup founders and toy industry legends to policy-makers and YouTube content creators, listen to #Kidtech to hear a range of expert perspectives on this growing industry. 

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