The popularity of gaming videos is the meeting of two major trends: online gaming, and online content creation. However, the vast quantities of content available on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch makes comprehensive moderation impossible, making it highly likely that young audiences are exposed to inappropriate content.

Tankee aims to solve this problem by creating the first safe destination for 6-12 kids to enjoy gaming videos.


Using SuperAwesome’s suite of tools, Tankee brings kids and their parents age-appropriate gaming videos to one location, with total compliance and safety.

Parental Portal

A key part of the Tankee platform is the parent portal.

Tankee 2

The parent portal, accessed via a separate log-in, but linked to the child’s account, allows parents to authorise their kids to provide Tankee with the data they need to enable the service, while also giving visibility over what their kids are viewing.

Tankee implemented their parent portal using our Kids Web Services (KWS) platform. KWS provides COPPA-compliant family authentication (including a customizable parent portal), parental verification and a host of other features. Parental authorisation is essential in making digital platforms compliant and safe for under-13 audiences, but can be difficult to implement. Using KWS, Tankee were able to build a compliant, straight-forward portal that gives parents transparency and peace of mind.

Kid-safe Monetization

When integrating advertising as a monetization strategy for under-13 audiences, it’s critical to use a kidtech solution to enable both compliance and content safety. AwesomeAds ensures that all ad content is kid-safe, compliant and contextually appropriate, so Tankee can monetise their audiences safely and responsibly.


Tankee solved this problem with PopJam, a set of kid-safe social engagement tools, allowing companies to publish socially enabled content to mobile, embedded widget or video.

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PopJam enabled Tankee to engage with their audiences across multiple territories, spreading awareness of their new platform and gaining the loyalty of new users.

Powered by SuperAwesome’s kidtech solutions, Tankee are part of the next generation of kids digital services delivering engaging experiences without compromising digital privacy and safety.

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We’re proud to be working with Gerald and the Tankee team.