Acclaimed children’s brand L.O.L! Surprise continues its dominance in the kids digital space by using SuperAwesome technology to bring its original YouTube branded content to OTT channels worldwide.

MGA Entertainment, Inc, one of the world’s leading privately held toy and entertainment companies, has partnered SuperAwesome to deliver L.O.L. Surprise! UNBOXED, and more, to 50 million additional homes around the world via Future Today, Inc in an innovative move that further illustrates the importance of OTT in the emerging kids digital media ecosystem.

MGA Entertainment’s partnership with SuperAwesome and Future Today will enable the brand to expand its reach to Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire where users will enjoy over 60 videos of original content.

“Our dedicated focus to providing our fans a safe outlet where they can laugh and safely enjoy our content has positioned MGAE as the gold standard for children’s safety in the digital landscape,” said Isaac Larian, CEO and Founder of MGA Entertainment. “No other toy company has successfully done this. We will continue to succeed in digital because we continue to deliver fresh, innovative and original content while always ensuring a safe experience.”

“With over 170,000 kids going online for the first time every day, a completely new digital landscape is being created. It requires companies to design both for privacy but also responsibility to engage with this audience, areas where MGA Entertainment have always set the very highest standards. We’re very proud to count them as a customer” stated Dylan Collins, CEO of SuperAwesome.

The importance of creating a safer internet for kids is understood by the entire toy industry. SuperAwesome and MGA Entertainment are advocates for kidtech, creating kid-safe digital environments and experiences.

SuperAwesome’s OTT marketplace reaches over 20M kids in the US. OTT is now considered one of the best ways to reach families, as 72% of kids’ daily TV viewing is now from OTT streaming services.

An OTT brand channel can deliver guaranteed video views to your short-form content, while presenting kids with content with which they can readily engage. To find out how we can help you with your OTT strategy, get in touch.