Real-time data on kids digital behaviour is key for every company operating in the kids sector, but it can be hard to come by. Children’s trends and behaviours shift quickly, and compliantly collecting information on these behaviours can be difficult.

SuperAwesome has long been partnered with The Insights People (TIP), hailed in Europe for its pioneering data technology and cutting edge approach to gathering insights on kids’ preferences. In response to soaring demand from US brands keen to better understand the children’s markets they serve, the company has just launched a bespoke US version of the platform.

Using its ground-breaking “AQuA” (All Questions Answered) technology and real-time online platform, TIP’s Kids Insights US adds 150,000 data points weekly by surveying 400 different kids, tweens and teens (more than 20,000 every year).

This data will offer US brands insights into emerging trends to support their advertising, content, licensing, product and marketing investments.

In order to support this new venture, we have turned our partnership with the company into an investment, which comes as part of our commitment to powering the kids digital ecosystem.

Nick Richardson, CEO of TIP commented: ““We’ve got an amazing team, and an amazing group of partners and supporters who can see the opportunities and possibilities Kids Insights offers. We also have other emerging US platforms, like Parents Insights, which we’re aiming to bring to the market soon. It’s not an idle boast to say that this is, without doubt, the most comprehensive and dynamic market intelligence there is for this market.”

SuperAwesome is pleased to work with Nick and his team, and we look forward to offering our customers the benefits of the keen insights into this pivotal market.