John Herlihy Mobile App Category Expert Judge!

We are delighted to welcome John Herlihy to the Future8 expert judging panel! As Vice President, SMB Sales at Google, John is responsible for small and medium advertising sales in Europe and EMEA. John also serves as Head of Google Ireland, which employs over 2,500 people in Dublin across diverse functions including sales, operations, engineering, legal,  human resources and finance. What drives John’s passion for technology? Read More

Entry Tips From Expert Judge John Herlihy

  John Herlihy, Vice President, SMB Sales and Head of Google Ireland joins The Future8 expert judging panel!  As one of our Mobile App Category judges, John will be choosing which lucky entrant will receive a once in a lifetime prize from our sponsors, Outfit7. Find out more about the prize here! Read our interview with John below to get an insight into what he is looking for in the winning entry and check out John’s 3 Tips to give your entry the winning edge! Read More

Tips & Inspiration from Web Developer Category Judge – Avid Larizadeh

This week we met with Avid Larizadeh, Partner of Google Ventures Europe and one of our expert Future8 judges! A graduate of Harvard and Stanford Universities, and founder (Boticca). Avid’s impressive career spans the top firms and companies in the tech industry, including four years at eBay in Silicon Valley, Skype (acquired by eBay) and Tellme Networks (acquired by Microsoft).   We wanted to find out more about this impressive career path! “I am a partner at Google Ventures Europe where I invest in high growth companies that have the potential to change the world. Prior to GVE, I co founded Boticca, the world's luxury bazaar of fashion accessories. I also led the Hour of Code for in the UK. Since the Hour of Code launched in March 2014, more than 3 million students have tried an Hour of Code helping demystify that coding is just for the very tech savvy and showing that anyone can try it.” Read More

How to Make Your Blog Stand Out! Top Tips From Bethan Barker of Penguin Random House UK

Attention Blogger category entrants! Meet Future8 Mentor Bethan Barker, Digital Marketing specialist within Penguin Random House UK’s Consumer Engagement Team, as she shares her 3 top tips to make your blog stand out! If you want to win that life changing prize from Penguin Random House UK, including a spot as a Specialist Correspondent on one of their online platforms and mentoring sessions with Bethan herself, check out her video! [youtube] Read More

Meet Future8 Mentor Bethan Barker of Penguin Random House UK

Bethan Barker is a Digital Marketing Specialist within Penguin Random House UK’s Consumer Engagement Team!  The lucky winner of the Blogger category will win some life changing prizes including an exclusive series of one-on-one Skype mentoring sessions with Bethan. We spoke to Bethan about her career and passion for blogging! [youtube]   Read More

Meet Blogger Category Judge – Jeff Norton!

Jeff Norton award-winning author, producer and creator joins our expert Future8 Judging Panel! Jeff is the author of the award-winning 'MetaWars' books (Orchard Books) and the hilarious new 'Memoirs of a Neurotic Zombie' (Faber) and is currently Executive Producer of Trucktown, a new CGI TV show based on the best-selling books. Making him the perfect candidate to judge our Blogger category and help decide who will win the life changing prize!  Read More

Tips & Inspiration from Blogger Category Judge – Jeff Norton

  Jeff Norton, award-winning author, producer, and creator joins The Future8 Awards as the newest member of our expert judging panel! As author of the award-winning 'MetaWars' books (Orchard Books) and the hilarious new 'Memoirs of a Neurotic Zombie' (Faber) who better to help judge the Blogger category! (Find out more about Jeff Norton) Jeff shares his tips and inspiration with entrants and aspiring bloggers!   We’re excited to have you as a judge for the Blogger category, what are you looking for in a winning entry? Read More

Tips & Inspiration from Blogger Category Judge – Shannon Cullen

Shannon Cullen, Publisher for Puffin Fiction at Penguin Random House UK and Blogger category judge shares her expert tips and advice to inspire Future8 entrants and all avid bloggers and writers! You’ll have to impress Shannon to win this life changing prize including the opportunity to become a ‘Special Correspondent’ on a Penguin Random House UK online platform! We asked Shannon: Read More

Meet Blogger Category Judge – Shannon Cullen

Following the exciting announcement of Penguin Random House UK’s sponsorship of our Blogger category earlier this week, the Future8 team were thrilled to meet up with Shannon Cullen, Future8 expert judge and Publisher at Penguin Random House UK. We discussed Shannon’s inspiring experience in the publishing industry and discussed the important link between creativity and technology.   Read More