Press Release

SuperAwesome announces Rukkaz, a video platform for kids and family content creators

NEW YORK (15/7/2019):​ SuperAwesome, the leading ‘kidtech’ platform which powers kid-safe advertising for the children’s industry today announced Rukkaz, a free video platform (AVOD).

Designed specifically for the needs of kids and family content creators, Rukkaz will allow creators and influencers to share video content and safely engage with their 7-12 fans.

As the biggest kid-safe platform in the world, which has defined the standards for appropriate and safe advertising in the children’s space, SuperAwesome is uniquely placed to tackle this challenge. The company has been quietly working on the Rukkaz platform for the last six months.

Last week YouTube was reported to be considering removing all children’s content from the main platform as it comes under increased pressure from an FTC investigation into their data collection practices for under-13 users.

Dylan Collins, CEO SuperAwesome:​ “In 2005, when YouTube was founded, children barely registered as an online audience (or YouTube viewers). Today they’re over 40% of all new internet users. YouTube would look very different if it was founded today. While the company has been doing good work with YouTube Kids, we have seen an overwhelming number of requests (literally hundreds) from creators, content owners and advertisers to do something about the kids online video situation. Everyone feels an additional platform actually designed for kids/family video is required.”

The company already has almost 100 content creators (who have almost 75M YouTube subscribers combined) signed up to the Rukkaz open development testing phase, with a significant waiting list. Advertiser demand is considerable with almost $10M committed by major brands (ahead of any launch), who are keen to support a platform built for responsible kids video engagement.

Rukkaz is built around four key principles:

Designed for kids and family content creators:

Rukkaz is designed specifically for the needs of kids and family content creators. That starts with data privacy but extends to responsibility, healthy community and responsible monetization.

Built with safe community and engagement at its core:

All creators want to build a relationship with their audience. They want to create fun content for them, but they also want to be in a conversation with them. YouTube has had no choice but to turn off community engagement for kids creators and their audiences. Rukkaz is built with safe community as a first principle.

A clear (and deliberate) editorial philosophy:

We believe that content algorithms should have adult supervision. Surfacing new content is important, but not as important as surfacing appropriate content. We have a human editor at work.

Safe, transparent monetization:

For sustainable children’s content, creators need sustainable monetization. This means kid-safe ads, delivered with correct kidtech platforms (certified COPPA compliant) that ensures an appropriate balance for the community.