Leveraging Gaming for Brand Affinity

How to maximize the gaming ecosystem to build connections with kids and teens

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Unlock the power of gaming to strengthen brand connections in the US and UK!

Gaming platforms like Fortnite are transforming how brands engage with kids and teens, becoming key to a successful digital strategy. Our new report with WPP reveals how to leverage the gaming ecosystem to ensure your brand connects with young audiences.

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Key insights inside:

The _Fortnite Factor_

The “Fortnite Factor”: We saw a 55% increase in brand love from Fortnite players (and 38% from non-Fortnite players). Integrating your brand into Fortnite has a strong halo effect—the platform’s strengths and relevance transfer to your brand.

The Power of Immersive Experiences

The Power of Immersive Experiences: 66% of Fortnite gamers (and 45% of non-Fortnite gamers) show an affinity for branded content. Memorable in-game activations boost brand uplift—strategically amplify them for more widespread engagement.

Successful Campaign Secrets-2

Successful Campaign Secrets: More than 50% of gamers say Fortnite is better than any other platform for advertising. To bring gaming campaigns to life effectively and safely, you need to understand the brand experience cycle.

Explore the future of brand engagement with this free, in-depth report. Download Leveraging Gaming for Brand Affinity now and begin your journey towards more meaningful connections with the gaming generation!

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