Compliant and effective YouTube video campaigns with KidSafe Social Video

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Young people watch on average just over one hour and half of videos on YouTube every single day

A huge quantity of online videos are available to kids, but not all of it is:

  • safe for young viewers
  • safe for brands to advertise on
  • relevant to individual campaigns

KidSafe Social Video solves these problems for you.

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There are over half a billion videos that qualify for ads on YouTube and around 50,000 channels that are watched by young people every single day.

Kidsafe Social Video (KSV) uses unique proprietary research, insights and machine learning to identify these channels. The results are then processed and reviewed by digital content moderators and then classified correctly for their audience, genre and scale.

KSV ensures that your engagement on YouTube is compliant, kid-safe and brand-safe.

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Trusted by over 300 of the top kids brand and content owners

  • Nike
  • Outfit7
  • Netflix
  • Nick
  • Warner Bros
  • Sega
  • EA
  • Ubisoft
  • Kelloggs
  • Hasbro
  • Mattel
  • Unilever

Why is it important to use a platform like KSV for KidSafe YouTube brand engagement?

KSV is used by over 150 leading brands focused on the under-16 audience, and our methodology is endorsed globally by the world’s largest entertainment companies and toy manufacturers. In order for these companies to have safe, compliant and effective video campaigns on YouTube, KSV helps them to identify the right content through contextual advertising.

Without this, a company runs both the risk of wasting budget on irrelevant content as well as running the risk of breaking digital privacy laws. This is why SuperAwesome’s Kidsafe Social Video is the platform of choice for the top kids brands globally:

  • It is built on statistically significant research that informs planning decisions.
  • All content channels used are moderated by a specialist team that are professionally trained in monitoring online environments for young people.
  • Combining our technology and human moderation allows for contextual audience targeting, providing you with the most effective and relevant channels to target the right audience for you.
  • There is zero data dependence on Google, meaning that there is no use of audience data, content data or behavioural data: both more compliant and far more relevant.
  • Your campaign will be continuously optimised to ensure you get the best performance possible.

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