Meet Kids Social Video (KSV), your partner in effectively reaching kids, teens, and families on YouTube.

Brand-safe contextual youth advertising on YouTube.

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We make youth advertising safe and easy.

As youth experts, our proprietary youth insights, research, and technology inform what YouTube content will resonate best with your target audience, and help you reach them at scale.

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Why do I need a specialist youth and family YouTube partner?

There are over 37 million channels on YouTube, only a small percentage of which are suitable for young audiences.

KSV’s machine learning and human specialists classify 40,000+ verified youth and family-safe channels by demographic, language, and Passion Points.

Compared to other tech vendors, our proprietary taxonomy is specific to youth and family Passion Points (such as family play, toy reviews and unboxing, gaming, and more). Hyper-relevant targeting allows you to reach an audience with the highest likelihood to act.

Our contextual matching technology is built on intelligence from our technology ecosystem and data sources that exist outside of YouTube, including:


AwesomeAds Marketplace: Data from over 1000+ youth-focused campaigns across youth apps, games, and sites.


PopJam social trends, polls, and surveys.


Human moderation specialists in youth and family content on YouTube.

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How do I reach my audience at scale?

Kids Social Video is used by over 300 leading global brands.

KSV holds the largest contextual view of kids, teens, and family audiences on YouTube Main globally, with over 307.6 billion monthly channel views.

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Learn how the top entertainment brand for kids, Nickelodeon, increased show viewership and engagement

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How does KSV keep my brand safe?

All channels within KSV are processed and reviewed by our technology. In addition, a dedicated team of human moderators manually confirms that each channel upholds our standards for youth and brand safety, as well as demographic and Passion Point assessment accuracy.

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