Best Practices: how retail brands can reach young audiences in and around the metaverse

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80% of consumers believe a brand’s digital presence is equally as important to its in-store presence.

Young audiences are ready to welcome brands into the metaverse.

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Why are retail brands considering a gaming strategy in the metaverse?

If your brand doesn’t have a strategy to enter the gaming ecosystem, it is missing out on a huge channel for audience expansion, as well as a highly immersive way to start building relationships with the next generation.

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Did you know?


After seeing a gaming-related retail ad, 72% of teens wanted to shop at that retailer.


Gen Z consumers spend twice as much time socially interacting in the metaverse than in real life.


1 in 3 kids and teens in the US and the UK say seeing a brand doing something really cool in a game would make them ask their parents to buy something from the brand.

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