April, 13th 11 am ET / 4 pm GMT

How to win the Young Teens (13-15) market

Join our 30 minute webinar digest to learn about who the Young Teens audience is, what makes them different from under-13 kids and older teens, explore why they are important to your brand, and understand why you need a dedicated strategy to reach them.

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One-third of the total family spend is influenced by Young Teens (13-15)¹

Old enough to cultivate their own opinions and spending power, but young enough to take advantage of parental budgets, Young Teens have become the most influential household audience in the world.

Discover why your brand needs a specialized marketing strategy to reach this powerful audience and how to get started.

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In this webinar, you will learn:


Who are Young Teens

And why should your brand consider them as a separate audience


7 things you need to know about Young Teens

And how to apply these learnings to your brand strategy


What personas make up the Young Teens demographic

And what makes each persona unique


Key steps brands can take to start reaching Young Teens

And why you need a specialist partner to ensure brand-safety

Learn about why Young Teens are different and why your brand needs a dedicated strategy for this audience

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¹ Young Teens are different: How to effectively reach the influential 13-16 market, SuperAwesome 2021