The Path to UK Toy Sales Success

Winning Strategies for Toy Brands in a Tough Economy

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Discover how kids are the driving force behind today’s toy sales!

Kids are reshaping the toy market in ways that brands can’t afford to ignore. Our new infographic will help you engage them as they prefer, with privacy and safety at the forefront.

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Key insights inside:


It’s important to engage kids directly—they are the deciding factor in family purchases. Their influence has grown 10% year over year, with 87% of parents buying toys based on their children’s expressed wishes.


Learn how important toys are to the family. Toys are among the top five most frequently purchased household items, alongside necessities like groceries and clothes, and even higher on the list than personal care products.


Maximise your impact with proven channels and ad strategies. Learn how to showcase your toy across the platforms where kids are most engaged and see how SuperAwesome’s strategies have doubled toy sales.

From understanding kids’ impact on their parents’ purchases to leveraging the most effective advertising channels, this infographic is your guide to toy market success in 2024!

Explore SuperAwesome’s proven methods for reaching kids and boosting toy sales! Download our free infographic now.