Looking to work with young audiences in the metaverse?

Our training programs help you achieve a better understanding of what you need to know in order to interact responsibly with young audiences.

Our courses – KidAware and TeenAware – educate you on how to navigate compliance and privacy challenges to interact responsibly and safely with young audiences in digital media.

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What is KidAware?

KidAware is a training course that provides you and your teams the knowledge to navigate the regulation and industry standards of the digital kids landscape. Learn best practices to engage with kids compliantly.

We offer in-person and virtual instructor-led training sessions as well as a robust eLearning library of reference material.

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What you will take away from a KidAware session

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A briefing on COPPA, GDPR and the latest data privacy regulations governing kids in the UK, US and EU and beyond.

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The ability to assess your digital kids marketing campaigns across all platforms for adherence to rules and best practice (including the latest advertising standards and data privacy restrictions).

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Frameworks to evaluate partners, suppliers and technology providers for compliance with kids legislation.

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Access to resources to keep your teams and clients up to date and protected with the changing rules and regulations in this sector.


What is TeenAware?

TeenAware is a training course that explores how best to approach this unique audience, while taking into account current codes and regulations, as well as legislative proposals worldwide that are looking to protect them further.

To ensure brand safety, it is important to stay ahead of the curve when trying to reach them. TeenAware provides practical advice for how to take a forward-looking approach to data privacy, advertising and engagement with teens in the metaverse.

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What you will take away from a TeenAware session

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A better understanding of the Young Teen audience, how to reach them effectively and why they require a nuanced approach.


A briefing on the state of current codes/regulations that address advertising to the teen audience.

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SuperAwesome’s best practices for data privacy and advertising when dealing with a teen audience.


Compliance challenges to keep in mind and SuperAwesome’s recommendations when building metaverse experiences.

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In a digital landscape which is constantly changing, the challenges for brands and agencies to reach the kids and Young Teens audience safely and effectively has never been greater.