Press Release

SuperAwesome launches KidAware certification program for agencies and brands to keep digital marketing campaigns kid-safe

LONDON (28/5/2015)​ SuperAwesome, the global kids digital marketing platform, today announced the launch of its KidAware certification program to help agencies and brands safely navigate the digital kids landscape. The program has been designed to provide the best possible set of tools and information to help marketing professionals and media planners run kid-safe, compliant marketing campaigns.

The kids market has seen enormous change over the last eighteen months;

  • Massively declining kids TV viewership (particularly in the US where Nickelodeon has seen a 25%+ drop in ratings)
  • Data privacy legislation for kids (led by the US but being replicated in the EU) has placed stringent technology requirements on u-13 marketing to ensure kids aren’t tracked by advertising
  • An increasing backlash against the nature of content being displayed to kids on digital platforms, with critics claiming that the standards on TV are not being met online

With the digital kids market projected to triple over the next two years, this has created a significant challenge for agencies and brands to stay up to date and compliant.

SuperAwesome’s KidAware program condenses the experience and knowledge of the leading digital kids experts whose marketing platform is used by over 180 brands around the world. Agencies and brands also get access to SuperAwesome’s realtime marketing knowledge base.

“We designed the KidAware program to provide maximum support to our agency and brand partners in a way that immediately puts them at the very forefront of the digital kids marketing landscape. This is probably the most exciting time we’ve ever seen in the kids market but there’s a huge amount of change happening and it’s very easy to breach either legislation or content standards” said Dylan Collins, CEO SuperAwesome.

“SuperAwesome are leading the industry with their KidAware program. The planned changes to EU legislation will have a profound effect on advertisers. I urge anyone involved in digital marketing to children to get up to speed as a priority, as falling foul of these changes could be costly” added Tristan Brooks, Client Services Director at Arena Azure, one of several agencies who have already become KidAware-certified.

More information or to request KidAware certification for your brand or agency is available here.