Kid-safe tech solutions for brands, advertisers & content owners

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SuperAwesome’s kidtech solutions are used by hundreds of the world’s top brands and content owners to safely engage with over half a billion kids every month. Whether you are an advertiser, a content owner, a developer or a parent, we have a solution that can help you. Find out more by clicking on the section below.

Are you looking to create awareness and engagement with a kids audience?

It is challenging to find the right content for the right device at the right time. On top of that, you have to stay compliant when dealing with a kids audience. SuperAwesome can help you with kid-safe, COPPA/GDPR-K compliant solutions for digital awareness and engagement with the kids audience.

SuperAwesome for Advertisers

Do you want to create amazing social content that is aimed at a kids audience?

If you are committed to creating great social content for kids, SuperAwesome gives you the tools and can connect you with some of the world’s greatest brands.

SuperAwesome for Creators & Influencers

Do you want to create a great digital experience for a kids audience?

If you are looking for great kid-safe SDKs and tools then SuperAwesome can help you. Our SDKs are used by top brands and publishers around the world to power the digital kids ecosystem.

SuperAwesome for Developers

Do you want to know how SuperAwesome helps make the Internet safer for your kid?

SuperAwesome is a team of superheroes, with one mission: to build a better internet for your kid(s). Sounds epic? Well, it kind of is! The SuperAwesome team works with amazing brands, websites and apps to make sure they are giving you the most exciting, fun and safe experiences, from top class games to jaw-dropping videos, quizzes, competitions and more!

SuperAwesome for Parents