Kid-safe, brand-safe, influencer marketing and content creation on YouTube.

Reaching kids on YouTube comes with its’ own risks and challenges. Kidfluencer helps brands navigate the YouTube ecosystem with an added layer of kid-safety and expertise.

How it works

Kidfluencer Marketplace has over 19M subscribers and over 8.5 B Lifetime views. We work with the best talent, because they go through our certification to ensure they are aware of how to do things properly and with the kids' safety in mind.

What this means for you

Reach a bigger audience
Kidfluencer will help you expand your reach to the followers of kidfluencers on YouTube

100% protection for your brand
Kidfluencer ensures your campaigns not only reach the right audience, but ONLY run against safe content and channels that are appropriate for your brand

SafeFam is a certification program for family and kids content creators on YouTube. It has been designed to empower them to better understand the digital requirements of the under-13 audience

If you want to be able to reach kids with your content on YouTube and ensure brand safety at the same time, Kidfluencer can help!

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