How Universal Pictures spread the word about ‘The Bad Guys’ by leveraging SuperAwesome’s young audience & family expertise

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“Strong audience expertise was critical to the success of driving a truly effective campaign, we knew we could rely on SuperAwesome to combine creativity and insight together to craft something which could resonate with our audience ”

– Giorgia Di Cristo – Senior Marketing Manager at Universal Pictures International Italy

Universal Pictures was after an effective and creative way to shout about the launch of ‘The Bad Guys’. With a target audience of kids, young teens, and families, Universal Pictures partnered with SuperAwesome and Mediacom to develop a multi-platform digital strategy which took the nuances of engaging young people & families online into consideration. 

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The Challenge

Young people & families’ time online is fragmented and complex. To maximize awareness, reach, and engagement of ‘The Bad Guy’s promotion, Universal Pictures and Mediacom knew they needed a deep understanding of their audience.

It was an opportunity to orchestrate a targeted strategy which prioritized effectiveness.


The Solution

Universal Pictures and Mediacom partnered with SuperAwesome to leverage in-house young audience expertise – generating a tailored digital strategy for ‘The Bad Guys’ film release. As part of this, SuperAwesome’s AwesomeAds and Kids Social Video solutions acted as key pillars to mold the strategy into an effective film promotion.

AwesomeAds enabled hyper-contextual placement of in-game billboards in the most relevant Roblox games for their target audience. Universal Pictures tapped into highly granular contextual audiences based on millions of demographic data points & youth-specific interests.

Kids Social Video extended the reach by showcasing the trailer unit as a standard pre-roll across curated YouTube channels. This two-pronged approach across Roblox and YouTube was further enhanced with interactive filmstrip units, which generated additional excitement around the movie release across our AwesomeAds marketplace.

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The Results

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1 in 3 viewers watched the entire YouTube pre-roll

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Interactive filmstrip unit achieved 5x the Engagement Rate benchmark

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700K+ impressions driven by Roblox Billboards

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SuperAwesome’s partnership made us consider the complex nature of young peoples’ behaviors online and use this as an opportunity to build a deeper understanding. . We were able to engage more of our target audience than planned, and this is truly down to the expertise & solutions we were able to tap into.

– Giorgia Di Cristo – Senior Marketing Manager at Universal Pictures International Italy

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