As the company at the forefront of safe kids digital marketing globally, we are constantly asked by our clients for advice and guidance. In a digital landscape which is constantly changing, the challenges for brands and agencies to both safely and effectively reach the under-13 audience has never been greater. This is why we are pleased to announce our KidAware program: to help the industry achieve the best possible standards in digital kids marketing.

What is KidAware Certification?

KidAware is our certification program which ensures you and your teams are fully equipped to navigate the compliance, regulation and industry standards of the digital kids marketing landscape.

The program gives teams:

  • A full briefing on COPPA and the latest data privacy regulations surrounding kids in the UK, US and EU.     
  • The ability to assess your digital kids marketing campaigns across all platforms for adherence to rules and best practice (including the latest advertising standards and data privacy restrictions).
  • Frameworks to evaluate partners, suppliers and technology providers for compliance with kids legislation.
  • Access to resources to keep your teams and clients up to date and protected with the changing rules and regulations in this sector.

In the words of our CEO, Dylan Collins: “We designed the KidAware program to provide maximum support to our agency and brand partners in a way that immediately puts them at the very forefront of the digital kids marketing landscape.”

To find out more and how you can get KidAware certified, visit: