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COPPA/GDPR-K compliant tools for kids content owners

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Creating content for kids is tricky. Monetizing on that content is even more difficult. On top of that, when dealing with kids, it is also important to stay compliant and safe and it is easy to do it wrong. SuperAwesome is here to make the Internet safer for kids and empower you to safely monetize your content.




Safely monetize your kids content with COPPA/GDPR-K compliant advertising from the world’s top brands.

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Engage your under-13 users with our kid-safe social content platform.



COPPA/GDPR-K authentication for kid-safe registration and data-collection.


The tools you need

Age-gates, parent portals and other essential tools for building kids apps and sites.

How SuperAwesome can help you

Our products are specifically designed for publishers and content owners committed to creating great digital content for kids. SuperAwesome gives you the tools you need combined with the industry’s highest standard of COPPA and GDPR-K compliance.


Be part of the biggest kids’ marketplace with over 500M+ kids a month throughout the world and connect with the world’s top brands.

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Reach and engage with kids

Reach and engage with kids safely on our COPPA/GDPR-K-compliant, safe social content platform purpose-built for kids and promote your sites and apps.

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Create compliant sites, apps and digital experiences

Create the best digital kids’ experience, while being compliant and enjoying optimised user flows thanks to COPPA/GDPR-K compliant tools.

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Knowledge on kids’ digital marketing

Learn the latest with regards to kids’ digital marketing by participating in our widely respected training program.

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Trusted by over 300 of the top kids brands and content owners


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