Leading mobile games developer uses SuperAwesome platform to deliver personalized experiences for under-13 audience


How to create global, COPPA-compliant, personalized experiences for kids


The Challenge

Augmented reality combined with location-based gameplay makes for a powerful and immersive experience – but how can the top game developers deliver this kind of personalization for an under-13 audience whilst remaining compliant with kids’ data privacy laws like COPPA and GDPR-K?

Using SuperAwesome to power global parental consent for under-13 gamers: kids can play, but parents manage. 

SuperAwesome worked with the developer’s global technical team to integrate Kids Web Services (KWS), a proprietary parental consent management solution which takes care of compliance with all children’s data privacy laws. This integration delivers full parental control over in-game privacy features such as geo-location, friends lists and sponsored locations. 

Kids Web Services is the most widely deployed parental consent management platform in the world.  As a result we have optimised the user flows for both kids and parents to minimize friction and maximize conversion—a key concern for kids’ developers.  It covers your full user journey end-to-end, from authentication / log-in, to permissions handling, obtaining parental consent, verifying parents’ identity, and providing ongoing parent access to the personal data.

Our network of verified parents is growing every day, which reduces the requirement for your new users to go through a full verification process. We achieve industry-leading conversion rates for new apps of up to 4x in-house solutions.

The Results


Speedy deployment

Developer replaced internal parental consent solution (operating in US only) with KWS and expanded it globally in less than 8 weeks.


Increase in conversion rates

Doubled first-time parental conversion rates over twelve months (from kids requesting permission to receiving verified parental consent).


Multi property

Rolled out KWS to additional titles and delivered conversion rates of 80% for pre-registered parents.


Full compliance

Developer is confident that kids can enjoy their gaming experience while being compliant with global privacy legislation, giving peace of mind to the parents and users of their game.


Software Engineer

“The reason we enjoy working with SuperAwesome is that they provide a robust, consistent, kidtech solution for all of our products”


Project Manager

“In the last 12 months we’ve had 1,000,000 permissions granted by verified parents; enabling kids to use our app while being compliant”

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