June 16th, 12:30pm ET / 9:30am PST / 5:30pm GMT

Game On: engaging with under-16s in the gaming ecosystem

Join our webinar to get your burning questions answered on how to safely navigate the youth gaming ecosystem

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How are youth approaching gaming and how can your brand engage with them safely and effectively?

The gaming ecosystem has become so much more than a place to play games for kids and Young Teens. Video games have become a destination to hang out with friends, attend live events, and stream influencer content.

As the majority of under-16s today either identify themselves as gamers or engage with gaming-related content online, it is crucial for your brand to have a kid-safe digital strategy to reach them in this environment.

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You will learn:

Kids Programmatic

Foundational Knowledge

Overview of the under-16 gaming ecosystem, regulations, and guidelines to be aware of.

Connected TV

What’s Trending

Insight into key players, trends, and the hype and reality of the metaverse.

Fully Managed

Cutting Edge Practices

Leave with practical advice for how you can use gaming as a kid-safe marketing tool, integrate influencers in your strategy, create in-game integrations, and offer branded virtual goods.

Grow your brand with effective and safe youth engagement in the gaming ecosystem

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