Was ist Kids Social Video? Ein Überblick für Marken

SuperAwesome's Kids Social Video (KSV) wird von über 150 führenden Marken genutzt, um Kinder und Familien durch sichere kontextbezogene Werbung auf YouTube und anderen Plattformen anzusprechen. Ohne eine Plattform wie KSV laufen Werbetreibende Gefahr, ihr Budget für nicht relevante oder unsichere Inhalte zu verschwenden. Read More

Ensure kid and brand safety on social video: a guide for content creators

Keeping up with the latest kids’ privacy requirements on social video platforms can be frustrating and confusing for content creators. Further complicating an already complex landscape, Google and YouTube’s record settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) resulted in changes to its platform and required many creators to rethink their approach to content.  In Part One of this series, we broke down three core learnings from the 2019 settlement. In Part Two, we took a deeper look into what has changed on YouTube since last year.  Read more to learn more about how these changes affect content creators, as well as best practices you can follow to ensure your videos and channel are kid-safe.  Read More