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Demystifying video and how to engage in a safe, compliant way.

1st April – 15:00 GMT

There are lots of tools out there, especially built into platforms like YouTube or Google but time and time again we see that they fall short and lack the dedicated tools to handle this kid-safe audience. We will show you how you can make the most of video platforms.

PopJammers share the biggest trends of 2019, and predict the biggest hits of 2020!

Watch this webinar to take a look at 2019’s biggest trends, the impact they’ll have on 2020 and what’s coming next.

This is essential material for anyone operating in the kids sector from a marketing, planning or strategy perspective.

Boost your kids digital media strategy for 2020

The landscape of kids digital media is ever-changing. As PWC’s market-defining 2019 report illustrated, the growth is explosive, supported by the decline of the TV and the advent of new legislations.

Watch this webinar to see SuperAwesome’s predictions for the coming year and stay ahead of the curve as you plan your activities.