These KWS Service Specific Terms govern your use of any of the KWS Services set out below and are incorporated into and supplement the KWS General Terms. Terms defined in the KWS General Terms have the same meaning in these KWS Service Specific Terms. If there is a conflict or inconsistency between the KWS Service Specific Terms and the KWS General Terms, the KWS Service Specific Terms prevail.  

By using a service listed below, you agree to the applicable KWS Service Specific Terms. 

Parent VerificationParent verification service enabling you to verify that persons held out to be parents or guardians of your users are adults.


1. When you use Parent Verification, you send us and we collect (whether from you or from the users and individuals directly) and process certain information in respect of your users and individuals held out as parents or guardians of your users. We process this information to enable you to verify that the parents/guardians are adults (Parent Verification Processing). The information we process for Parent Verification Processing is SuperAwesome Data. 

2. The information we process for Parent Verification Processing varies by region and includes the email address of the person who identifies as the parent/guardian of your user and the data submitted by that parent/guardian for the purpose of identity verification (e.g. an identity number, credit card number, CVV and expiry date, date of birth, full name, mailing address and any other information as verification methods may require from time to time). Parent Verification Processing extends to:

2.1 your initial transfer via APIs of the parent/guardian email address to us;

2.2 the sending of an email to the parent/guardian for the purposes of validating the email address and requesting that the parent/guardian verifies their identity. The Parent Verification Processing does not include any processing of personal data for any other purposes, for example, if you send the email and decide to include content in the email unrelated to those purposes;

2.3 determining whether a parent/guardian has already verified that they are an adult using the ParentGraph and the subsequent communication to you of any positive result;

2.4 seeking to verify, via the method of verification selected by the parent/guardian, that the parent/guardian is an adult;

2.5 the communication to you of the verification result; and

2.6 the communication to the parent/guardian of their successful verification.

3. You agree that to the maximum extent permitted by Applicable Laws we are not responsible for, and have no liability at all (whether in contract, tort, equity or otherwise) arising out of or in connection with verifying correctly or incorrectly that the person whose data you provide to us is the parent/guardian of a specific user, is of a particular age or whether the method of verification (such as payment card or government ID) is valid in, and/or complies with, the Applicable Laws of, the applicable country.  

4. We may upon reasonable notice (up to 14 days) at any time use, test or introduce different verification methods or remove old ones, including across groups of parents/guardians. Your continued use of or access to Parent Verification after the advised implementation date of any notified different verification method constitutes your agreement to the applicable verification method.

5. To the extent we undertake processing of personal data within the territorial scope of the GDPR, you and SuperAwesome are joint controllers for Parent Verification Processing, meaning that you and we jointly determine the means and the purposes of the processing.  The Joint Processing Arrangement for Parent Verification Processing, as referred to in clause 6.2 of the KWS General Terms, is located here and applies between you and us and is incorporated into and supplements these KWS Service Specific Terms. Except where stated otherwise in other KWS Service Specific Terms, each party remains an independent controller for any processing of personal data conducted by it prior or subsequent to the Parent Verification Processing and such processing does not form part of the Parent Verification Processing. In particular, if an individual is successfully verified, we store, as independent controller, ParentGraph Data in respect of that individual in our ParentGraph for subsequent use so that we can provide the KWS Services to you and our other customers. ParentGraph Data is SuperAwesome Data. 

6. To the extent we undertake processing of personal data within the territorial scope of the CCPA, you are a Business and we are your Service Provider for Parent Verification Processing except to the extent that a parent or guardian intentionally interacts with SuperAwesome (including prior or subsequent to the Parent Verification Processing) in which case SuperAwesome is an independent business with respect to any such Parent Verification Processing. In particular, a parent/guardian intentionally interacts with SuperAwesome when participating in the ParentGraph. ParentGraph Data is SuperAwesome Data. 

7. Clauses 3, 5 and 6 of these KWS Service Specific Terms will survive the termination of the KWS Developer Terms.

Last updated: September 29, 2021