COPPA/GDPR-K compliant
tools for kids sites and apps

Kids Web Services: your kid-safe content toolkit

Kids Web Services (KWS) is a set of cloud-based tools for creating safe, exciting sites and apps for kids, in full compliance with COPPA and the GDPR.

KWS handles registration, authentication, parental consent, loyalty programs and content seeding - so you can concentrate on creating amazing content for your audience.

How it works

Kids Web Services (KWS) lets content creators ⎯ from the biggest brands to indie developers ⎯ create, build, and manage COPPA/GDPR-K compliant apps and sites aimed at under-13s. KWS has three elements at its core:

KWS Platform
Content creators can build their apps and websites on top of the KWS platform, which handles end-to-end data collection and kid-safe components including safe user authentication, notifications, loyalty mechanics and more.

KWS Control Center
Create and manage new apps and websites using the KWS control panel, which includes a custom reporting area and user insight.

SuperAwesome Parent Portal
A central dashboard for parents, which lets them review their children’s data-privacy and activity across all KWS-enabled sites. The parent portal experience automatically adapts to the legal requirements of your site or app based on the country of the user.

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