#Kidtech podcast

#Kidtech is a series of interviews and discussions with the people shaping the kids digital media sector. 

Season 2

#Kidtech Season Two Episode Eight: Helen Dixon, Data Protection Commissioner for Ireland.

In episode 8 of #Kidtech Helen spoke with SuperAwesome CEO, Dylan Collins, to discuss GDPR and GDPR-K, the age of digital consent, enforcement in the kids digital media ecosystem.

#Kidtech Season Two Episode Seven: Andy Robertson, family and technology journalist (author of Taming Gaming)

In the latest episode of #Kidtech SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins spoke with Andy Robertson, the well-known family and technology journalist and author of forthcoming book ‘Taming Gaming’. Andy recently launched the Family Video Games Database.

#Kidtech Season Two Episode Six: Steven Wolfe Pereira, CEO and Co-founder of Encantos

In Episode six of #Kidtech we were joined by Steven Wolfe Pereira, CEO and Co-founder of Encantos, speaking extensively about the history and mission behind Encantos, the future of DTC brands and how bilingual is the future for kids everywhere. 

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#Kidtech Season Two Episode Five: Tami Bhaumik, VP Marketing and Digital Civility at Roblox

In Episode five of #Kidtech, we were joined by Tami Bhaumik, VP Marketing and Digital Civility at Roblox, the rapidly growing games platform for kids and teens.

#Kidtech Season Two Episode Four: Emmet O’Neill, CEO of Touchpress

In Episode 4 of #Kidtech, Emmet O’Neill, CEO of Touchpress, a well-known app developer and publisher in the kids space (most recently with LEGO DUPLOw World), joined us via Zoom to talk about the state of the kids app ecosystem and how Covid-19 is driving some very compelling numbers and trends.

#Kidtech Season 2 Episode 3: Kate Boyle, Founder and CEO, Banjo Robinson

We were joined by Banjo Robinson’s CEO and founder, Kate Boyle, we discussed business growth, raising investment for kidtech startups and the effect Covid-19 is having on the kids’ space. 

#Kidtech Season 2 Episode 2: WPP CEO, Mark Read

In Episode Two of #Kidtech Season Two, we were joined by Mark Read, CEO of WPP, the world’s largest advertising and communications company.

#Kidtech Season 2 Episode 1: FTC Commissioner, Rebecca Slaughter

Federal Trade Commissioner, Rebecca Slaughter sits with SuperAwesome’s CEO Dylan Collins in Washington DC to discuss the kids digital privacy landscape.


#Kidtech Episode 23: Nick Marsh, Chief Product Officer, Wonderbly

In the final episode of #Kidtech Season One, Nick Marsh, Chief Product Officer for Wonderbly, well known for their LostMyName franchise, chats with SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins about Wonderbly’s journey and the lessons learned along the way.

#Kidtech Episode 22: Patricia Scanlon, Founder/CEO of SoapBox Labs

Patricia Scanlon, Founder/CEO of SoapBox Labs sits with SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins to discuss the evolving voice recognition landscape for kids.

#Kidtech Episode 21: Meredith Halpern-Ranzer, CEO of Tinkercast

In Episode 21 of #Kidtech, Meredith Halpern-Ranzer, CEO of Tinkercast, the company behind the world’s #1 podcast for kids, sits with SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins to talk about kids and audio

#Kidtech Episode 20: Sven Gerjets, Chief Technology Officer, Mattel

In Episode 20 of #Kidtech, Sven Gerjets, Chief Technology Officer of toy giant Mattel, sits with SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins in LA to talk about the future of connected toys, the role of AI in play and how nostalgia drives innovation in toy development.

#Kidtech Episode 19: Craig Donaghy, Head of Community w/ Sam Clough

Sam and Craig trade opinions on how much kids understand about data privacy, their own concerns around online responsibility and thoughts on ‘sharenting’. From online bullying to hacking to social identity, this episode covers everything you need to know about the behaviours and opinions of kids online. 

#Kidtech Episode 18: Darran Garnham, CEO of MTW Toys

Darran Garnham, CEO of MTW Toys, Europe’s main distributor of Thinkway toys, joins SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins in London to discuss entertainment licensing, digital and physical toys, his angel investment in Calm and some of the history behind Mind Candy.


#Kidtech Episode 17: Stuart Dredge, Freelance Journalist

Stuart Dredge, a freelance journalist with over 20 years’ experience writing about music, tech and children’s media joins SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins to discuss everything from the original children’s app landscape to TikTok; from kids gaming to kids news.

#Kidtech Episode 16: Will Spence, Global Managing Partner of Initiative

Will Spence from Initiative, LEGO’s global advertising agency, sits with SuperAwesome CEO, Dylan Collins to discuss the global kids media landscape from an agency perspective.

#Kidtech Episode 15: Sam Clough, Strategic Insights Consultant

Craig Donaghy, Head of Community and Insight at PopJam, SuperAwesome’s safe social platform for under 13s, talks to Sam Clough, a strategic insights consultant who works primarily in the kids and parents sector, about family democracy and pester power.


#Kidtech Episode 14: Bjorn Jeffery, former CEO of Toca Boca

In episode 14 of #Kidtech, Bjorn sat down with SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins to discuss Toca Boca’s beginnings, their successes and failures, and the many learnings he made along the way. 

#Kidtech Episode 13: Kim Hart, Managing Editor and Sara Fischer, Media reporter at Axios

Axios’ Managing Editor, Kim Hart, and media reporter, Sara Fischer, join SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins to discuss the PwC Kids Digital Advertising Report 2019.

#Kidtech Episode 12: Ian Chambers, CEO of Mind Candy

In episode 12 of #KidTech, Mind Candy’s CEO Ian Chambers sat down with Dylan Collins in London to discuss Mind Candy’s journey after Moshi Monsters.


#Kidtech Episode 11: Demian Falestchi, CEO and Co-Founder of Kids Corp

Demian Falestchi, CEO and Co-Founder of Kids Corp sits with SuperAwesome’s CEO, Dylan Collins, to discuss the digital kids ecosystem in Latin America.

#Kidtech Episode 10: Dona Fraser, Director of Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU)

Hosted in the Radio Waves building in New York –  the original home of Nikola Tesla – Dylan sits down with Dona Fraser, Director of CARU, the children’s arm of the advertising industry’s self-regulatory group. 

#Kidtech Episode 9: Sam Clough, kids and parents expert

In Episode 9 of #Kidtech we change it up a little bit. Craig Donaghy, Head of Community and Insight at PopJam (SuperAwesome’s safe social platform), talks to Sam Clough, a strategic insights consultant who works primarily in the kids and parents sector, about what kids think about ecommerce, shopping and retail in general.

#Kidtech Episode 8: Bethany Koby, Co-Founder and CEO of Tech Will Save Us

In Episode 8 of #Kidtech, Bethany and Dylan discuss the origins of the company (a kitchen in East London, naturally), as well as the global growth in popularity of STEM toys with parents. Bethany offers up expert insight into their product development process and how their startup company interacts with the largest toy companies in the world. She also shares secrets from the STEM sector, as well as who is actually purchasing STEM toys for their kids. 

#Kidtech Episode 7: Brenda Bisner, SVP of Content and Business Development at Kidoodle.TV

Brenda Bisner is the SVP of Content and Business Development at Kidoodle.TV, the ‘safe-streaming’ platform for children. She sat with Dylan in New York to discuss her 18 years in the kids space, the merits of AVOD versus SVOD, healthy screen-time habits and the advantages of human moderation over AI. 

#Kidtech Episode 6: Emma Scott, CEO Beano Studios

In Episode 6 of #Kidtech, Emma Scott, CEO of  Beano Studios, speaks to Dylan Collins about how a long career of disruption has culminated in building a digital platform around the UK’s best-loved and longest-running children’s comic. Beano Studios, a rebellious entertainment network powered by creativity, data and insight, has succeeded where others have failed, integrating their historic brand into the new digital ecosystem. 


#Kidtech Episode 5: Rob Lowe, LEGO Senior Global Director – Digital Consumer Engagement

In Episode 5 of #KidTech LEGO’s Senior Global Director for Digital Consumer Engagement, Rob Lowe, discusses LEGO Life, their groundbreaking social network for kids with SuperAwesome’s Dylan Collins. 

#Kidtech Episode 4: Yonatan Raz-Fridman, co-founder Kano, CEO Sosu

Raz-Fridman, now CEO of Sosu and Dylan discuss a range of topics including whether Silicon Valley really understands what’s going on with kidtech and smart toys, what a meaningful future with kids interacting with intelligent devices might look like, and, of course, whether he has had any issues with UK rapper Kano.

#Kidtech Episode 3 : Nick Walters, Founder and CEO of Hopster

In this episode of #Kidtech, Nick Walters, founder and CEO of Hopster, the global play and learning platform for preschoolers, talks to Dylan about creating the highest-grossing kids app in the UK.

#Kidtech Episode 2 : David Stevens, co-founder Knights Of

In this episode of #Kidtech David Stevens, co-founder of Knights Of talks all things kids’ book publishing and (the lack of) diversity. David, who has over 15 years of experience in children’s content with Penguin, Scholastic and Brown Bag Films, also discusses why Kindle doesn’t work for kids, and how he’s keeping kids reading in an era of disruptive technology.

#Kidtech Episode 1: Clark Stacey, CEO Wildworks

How do we focus screen time on quality over quantity? What’s the best measurement of engagement in children’s gaming? And whatever happened to Barbie Guitar Star?
Clark Stacey, CEO of WildWorks, the kids games developer best known for the Animal Jam series joins us on #Kidtech to tackle these questions.

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