Kids Web Services – Cookies

Elevio/Dixa cookiesWe use Elevio/Dixa to provide a customer support interface for parents to send their queries regarding KWS services. Elevio/Dixa uses cookies to enable them to deliver their services to KWS.
Stripe cookiesWe use Stripe Inc. as a payment processor when verifying a parent/guardian’s identity using a credit or debit card. Stripe Inc. uses cookies and other technologies to ensure that their services function properly, detect and prevent fraud and to provide analytics services to us.
Amplitude cookiesWe use Amplitude Inc. to provide analytics on our Partners’ authorised users’ use of the KWS Developer Portal/control panel and parents’ and guardians’ use of the KWS Services. Amplitude uses cookies to enable them to deliver their service to KWS.
Hubspot cookiesHubSpot performance cookies provide us with analytics capabilities so that we can better understand how our website is used. HubSpot will allow us to understand in aggregated form, your location, how you have found our site (the referring website), how many times our website has been viewed, and the time that you have visited our website. HubSpot strictly necessary cookies will allow us to display our enquiry form fields and for you to submit any questions you may have to us.

Browser Local Storage

SuperAwesome SuperAwesome uses browser local storage for the effective functioning of its Parent Verification and Parent Consent services, and to maintain user preferences (e.g. chosen language) and login state.