93% of kids ages 8-12 in the US agree that social media is a great channel for finding out more about content that they love1. But because most social networks weren’t designed for children, brands must ensure that they are safely and effectively engaging these audiences. The best way to do that is to use a social content-sharing platform built on the pillars of safety and community.  

We spoke with Scarlett Cayford, Head of PopJam, about the importance of non-toxic and inclusive communities and how brands can safely engage young audiences on PopJam.  

Why do you need to be careful about where you engage with kids online?

Most social media platforms are designed for adults. Since these communities don’t focus on providing a safe space for kids, brands can’t guarantee the age-appropriateness of the content surrounding their posts. This presents brand safety risks and can be a harmful user experience for kids. 

Brands therefore either have to make sure they’re working with experts to ensure that content on social platforms is created and managed safely — or they can use PopJam. 

How does PopJam help brands easily and safely engage kids audiences on social content sharing platforms?

PopJam is a kid-safe social content sharing platform that emphasizes safety and positivity. Our double-layered moderation systems, featuring both AI and a human team, enables kids to interact with content, brands, and influencers freely. 

It’s not just brands that care about digital safety – in the US, 88% of kids prefer social media platforms that are meant only for young audiences. Brands and kids alike never have to worry about the risks associated with adult-oriented platforms in non-toxic spaces like PopJam. 

PopJam also utilizes SuperAwesome’s wider suite of kid-safe tools to enable brands to navigate kids’ privacy when delivering campaigns. All advertisements on PopJam are fully managed through Awesome Ads in compliance with digital privacy laws such as COPPA and GDPR-K. This frees brands from the burden of needing to understand complex and fast-changing youth digital privacy laws.

And none of these benefits come at the expense of a small or niche audience – PopJam enables over 150 million in-app engagements every quarter.

safe social media on PopJam
Kids create and share their art on PopJam.

What tools can brands use to engage young audiences on PopJam?

As digital experiences have evolved to include more interactive elements, young audiences have demonstrated an increased desire to actively engage with content. It is essential to provide two-way content experiences where kids can get involved in different and exciting ways — from creating their own content to sharing it with their peers and more.

PopJam offers brands the ability to deliver interactive content, housed on their own branded channels. Once a brand is up and running on PopJam, we can help them build out all manner of engaging content, including filters and stickers, quizzes and polls, and fun mini-games.  All of these features are already templated and designed by our in-house team, making the process as simple as possible for partners.  And because PopJam has its own moderation team, partners don’t need to invest resources in community management costs to keep the live feed consistent with their values and messaging.   

Can brands leverage PopJam content for other mediums? 

Brands can embed the content from their PopJam channel on their other digital channels through PopJam Connect. Embedded content helps to expand a brand’s owned media strategy, which is essential for creating the most loyal and connected fans. 

Are there any other benefits for brands that partner with PopJam? 

Partnering brands can receive monthly insights reports to inform their kids content strategy. The PopJam Trends Report provides access to exclusive data and insights sourced directly from PopJammers. 

The highly engaged PopJam community informs these reports with their interests, the trends they care about, how they engage with online content, and their general attitudes towards a range of topics. Recent questions have explored kids’ favorite influencers, rankings of their favorite apps, and what kids love about gaming. 

For more details on how PopJam can create engaging, on-brand content for kids, check out how Penguin Random House grew more followers than any other US publishing channel on PopJam.

penguin random house PopJam safe social media
PopJam in action, featuring screenshots from its „PenguinReadBooks“ channel.

How does PopJam make the internet safer for kids? 

Young audiences need safe social networks that are built exclusively for them. Designed specifically for the safety and data privacy requirements of the under-13 audience, PopJam gives children a non-toxic social community, while simultaneously helping brands safely reach their kids audience.

Get in touch to learn more about PopJam, and how it can help your brand deliver engaging kids content across a safety-driven social content sharing community. 

1 SuperAwesome commissioned study, 2020, base: 600 children in the US and UK between the ages of 8 and 12 years old.