Agility over Agile

Agile is not a new concept. Over the last few years I have taken on various roles (and combinations of roles) within the teams I have worked in both in a corporate organisation and more recently as part of a tech startup here at SuperAwesome. I have had many different experiences with Agile development along the way. Read More

Announcing KidAware: The industry’s digital marketing certification program

  As the company at the forefront of safe kids digital marketing globally, we are constantly asked by our clients for advice and guidance. In a digital landscape which is constantly changing, the challenges for brands and agencies to both safely and effectively reach the under-13 audience has never been greater. This is why we are pleased to announce our KidAware program: to help the industry achieve the best possible standards in digital kids marketing. Read More

The question that every politician wants to answer…

With the election looming, it’s the question that every politician wants to answer – how to engage the youth. Voter apathy in this age group is high with over half of 18-24 year olds not using their vote. The next generation of voters are set to face an ever broader and splintered political field than their predecessors. So what’s really important to Generation Z? SuperAwesome’s Insights Team looked into this, focusing on 8-16 year olds.   Read More

Zoella and friends: the digital stars taking the book world by storm

It may have caught your attention a few weeks ago that the kids on your nearby school run were sporting rather more fairy wings, hook hands and witch hats than usual. The reason? World Book Day: that time when schools across the country are flooded with little Heidis and Grinches, Gruffalos and Wimpy Kids. This year there was even a rogue Christian Grey. In the midst of this, one mummy blogger noticed what she felt was a worrying costume trend: her daughter’s friends were planning to mark the festival of literature by dressing up as YouTube megastar Zoella. Read More

SuperAwesome at Casual Connect Europe

For those who haven't heard... Casual Connect Europe runs from the 4th-6th February (that's THIS WEEK). This year, not only will  we be meeting with our industry friends and leaders: we'll be sharing our expertise with the floor... Read More

YouTube: a necessity for kids

  YouTube is rapidly becoming integral to kids’ lives. Looking beyond just video-on-demand consumption, YouTube is becoming paramount to the way that kids create, learn and share. SuperAwesome’s Insights Team have been following this growing phenomenon. Here is an overview of our discoveries to date. Read More

Taylor Swift pulls her music from Spotify – do kids care?

    Earlier this month, Taylor Swift made the decision to remove her music from streaming service Spotify. Coinciding with the release of her new album, 1989, Swiftys everywhere were denied access to the pop star’s catalogue of hits on the popular streaming service. Swift justified her decision stating, "Music is art, and art is important and rare. Important, rare things are valuable. Valuable things should be paid for”, a valid argument. But does this really matter? And in particular, do kids care? Read More