tabletsIt’s been just over 2 years since Apple released the iPad and in that time the Tablet market has exploded with a variety of different products.

The latest findings from our Youthscape Q2 report shows tablet ownership for kids and teens (8-16 years old) in the UK continues to grow as 23% now own a tablet, which is up from 18% just 3 months ago. Unsurprisingly the iPad is the most commonly owned tablet with 57% owning an iPad while the other most commonly owned tablets are the Blackberry Playbook (13%), Kindle Fire (9%) and the Samsung Galaxy (9%).

Most use their tablets predominantly to surf the internet with the number accessing the internet on a tablet at home rising dramatically to 27% up from 12% last year. The number reading e-books has almost doubled over the past year too, with tablets contributing to this growthas 43% use their tablets to read e-books.

Apps are of course one of the primary uses for a tablet many of which are gaming apps and overall 73% who have tablets use them for gaming. However, interest in gaming on tablets is less popular with older teens as 63% 14-16 year olds who own a tablet use it for gaming compared to 78% of 8-13 year olds.

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