Last month, we were pleased to announce the latest version of our kid-safe ad server, AwesomeAds. Already supporting iOS, Android, Flash and open web, we now add two more strings to our bow… Unity and Oculus!

The AwesomeAds platform already reaches 200M kids every month and is used by hundreds of apps and games around the world to provide kid-safe and COPPA-compliant advertising to our audience.

Today we can officially announce that our platform supports the Unity game engine! We can now help kids developers safely monetize on Unity, considered one of the leading game engines in the world, with over 2M registered developers.Oculus Rift Development Version

If THAT wasn’t enough, we can also reveal that we now have BETA support Oculus. That’s right – you can even bring your kid-safe advertising to the virtual reality market with SuperAwesome!

We are hugely excited to be able to offer these options to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving kid tech landscape.

Our Chief Product Officer, Joshua Wohle explains: “Given the huge universe of Unity developers, we’re excited to be able to support them with kid-safe advertising. As an early Oculus developer myself, I’m also personally thrilled that we’re taking the lead for safe, COPPA-compliant kids advertising within the VR sector. I suspect it’s going to get much, much bigger”.

On the back of this success, one of our latest developers includes Jumpstart, the leader of learning-based games for kids (School of Dragons, Math Blaster).

Jumpstart CEO David Lord said “I’m delighted to be working with SuperAwesome and their kid-safe advertising platform. It’s a fantastic revenue opportunity for us which completely aligns with our audience”

To find out more about AwesomeAds, and sign up to our BETA program, please visit www.SuperAwesome.tv/AwesomeAds

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