We’re delighted to announce that REX, our kid-safe (COPPA/GDPR-compliant) programmatic solution for the under-13 audience, has been awarded a bronze certificate for the best Breakthrough Technology in Campaign magazine’s Creative Technology Awards 2017.

The award ceremony, which took place last night at the Tower of London, celebrated the top brands, agencies and technology companies from across the media industry building game-changing tech to unlock new creative experiences that engage audiences worldwide. REX was the first kid-specific technology to be represented at the awards, marking a significant step-change in the way the kids digital media market is recognised by the wider advertising industry.

Why REX is so important

The kids digital ecosystem is one of the fastest growing media sectors in the world today. Over 10% of kids and family advertising is now being spent digitally, a figure which has almost quintupled in the last four years. We expect that u13 digital ad spending this year will reach almost $1B across English-speaking markets. But this is just the beginning of a huge wave: in every other media sector, digital spending of 50% is normal.

The growth in data privacy laws for kids (and indeed elsewhere) is no longer theoretical. We’re seeing the emergence of the kids Internet. And the clamping down on third party data. The US had led the way with COPPA and the EU is rapidly catching up with GDPR. To support this new “zero data” ecosystem, the nascent ‘kidtech’ market has emerged, combining brand performance with guaranteed data privacy compliance.

REX is at the forefront of this market: it provides the technology that allows kid-safe, COPPA (and GDPR) compliant programmatic advertising for the very first time. Building on years of AwesomeAds development (the first kid-safe ad server), REX integrates with ad exchanges, filtering out non-compliant trackers and allowing brands to safely use a full programmatic workflow while maintaining the highest level of COPPA and GDPR compliance. Or as many people simply call it ‘kid-safe programmatic’. 🙂

Chris, our Programmatic Product Lead, proudly accepting the award on Monday night.

See all of the award winners here. If you’d like advice or more information on how to use kidtech to support your under-13 brand engagement, get in touch!