We held our very first PopJam for Brands day in London last week (at a private bowling alley). It was our first opportunity to properly showcase how some of our PopJam partners are using the content-sharing app to reach the 7-13 audience across the UK. It also allowed us to showcase our rather delicious (and limited edition) PopJam marshmallows, which were popular enough to justify their own event.

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You can tell something special is happening when everyone shows up early. This almost never happens at media and advertising events. It was a bit spooky.

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Because PopJam has equal appeal for content-owners, brands and YouTubers we wanted our audience to hear presentations from each of those channel partners directly. First off, we welcomed Katy from Tiniez to the stage. Tiniez is a new 6-12 girls brand which has been using PopJam exclusively to build up a huge following of kids influencers in the UK playground. Off the back of this, they’ve just signed a toy deal with Jazwares and a costume deal with Palamon.

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Next was Tara and Savannah from Puffin Books, one of the earliest channels on PopJam. They walked through some of the ways they engage with kids on their channel and how they involve their authors. They also announced that they want to get more of their authors involved in PopJam – connecting with the community.

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One of the most exciting trends on PopJam is the arrival of our YouTuber community. This is significant for a number of reasons. YouTube is a 13+ platform but remains hugely popular with 7-13 kids so it’s extremely challenging for brands to safely engage. PopJam solves this issue in two ways: 1) our approved YouTubers feature only family-safe content and 2) PopJam doesn’t include external links so we remove any possibility that kids will accidentally discover something inappropriate. Andy Robertson who runs the extremely popular FamilyGamerTV channel (now available on PopJam) gave his perspective:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnKH6no2JoM]

Matt Lester (SuperAwesome’s Head of UK Sales) jumped on the mic to walk through some of the new engagement tools available for channel owners and revealed some details on our new Sponsored Story format (which debuted with the LEGO Friends Music Maker campaign last week).

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Matt also talked about our global roll-out plans, starting in Q1 next year. Hint: AMERICA.

Finally, we got to hear from the PopJammers themselves. PopJam Neon Stars (the most prestigious status), Amber and Isla shared their love for PopJam and told everyone how much they love engaging with puzzles and stickers.

Everyone who attended the event will get access to the full collection of slides (they’re incredibly useful for engagement ideas). If you couldn’t make the event but would like access, get in touch with your info and we’ll try and accommodate. In the meantime, stay tuned for a lot more PopJam news, which is coming your way…

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