PwC have released the Kids Digital Advertising Report 2017,  the very first analysis of the kids digital ad market, showing just how quickly the entire kids media landscape is being reshaped.

Originally, this report was part of investor due diligence for our recently announced Series B investment. However it was so interesting, we asked PwC to release it as a standalone report. Some key points highlighted by the report;

  • PwC estimate that by 2019 that the kids digital advertising market will reach $1.2 billion globally and is currently growing at 25% yoy
  • By 2019, ~28% of total advertising within the kids market will be digital
  • Increasing data privacy requirements in both the US and EU are now driving increased demand from brands for compliance and fuelling the emerging ‘kidtech’ sector
  • With increasing budgets, advertisers and agencies are rapidly shifting away from publisher-centric ad-buying to platform-based ad-buying, driven by efficiencies and scale
  • The emergence of compliant/kid-safe programmatic kids advertising with a prediction that 10-20% of kids ad spend will be delivered this way by 2019

You can get the full Kids Digital Advertising Report 2017 here.

PwC Kids Digital Advertising Report - Global kids advertising spend