NEWSFLASH: 1) PopJam smashed through the 1 million user level last week, now reaching over 30% of 8-12 kids in the UK. 2) PopJam isn’t just about awesome kids brands anymore. Read on to find out how it has become the default safe-social channel for YouTubers to engage with their under-13 audiences. 

Since we added PopJam to our platform 8 months ago, it has become one of the most popular apps for kids and tweens in the UK. The only safe social content platform designed for under-13s, top kids brands like Nintendo, Roald Dahl, ZeptoLab (Cut the Rope), Rovio and Disney have all created channels on the app. PopJam has become the standard safe-social option for brands to create rich and interactive conversations with kids on mobile (complete with an average 45 min dwell time, almost double that of Instagram).

Following PopJam’s increasing popularity and the calibre of brands and personalities using the app, kid friendly YouTubers are now flocking to create channels to safely engage with their under-13 audiences on mobile. This new mega-trend has been led by YouTube creators including AmyLee33, one of the UK’s top children’s storytellers on YouTube, Wizard Keen, Sqaishey Quack and Beckii Cruel.


In the words of Sqaishey Quack, a rapidly growing YouTuber with 800K subscribers and over 150M views: “I see PopJam as a social media app which is both creative and safe for a younger audience. With boundaries to create a safe environment to play in without feeling restricted and freedom to those who want to express creativity, PopJam has uniquely found a balance which I have not seen before in social media apps”.

With an audience majority of 8-12 year olds, PopJam is quickly becoming the default safe-social channel for brands, content owners and leading YouTubers. 


As with all channels on PopJam, content our new YouTube stars post will be strictly moderated so that it’s 100% safe for kids and tweens on a global scale. Ok, that was an obvious hint: these channels have arrived on PopJam just in time for the app’s upcoming North American launch (US + Canada) – watch this space.

For more information on PopJam and how to engage with under-13 audiences safely and effectively on mobile, get in touch.