We’re pleased to announce that Nintendo, the gaming giants behind Super Mario, Animal Crossing, Tomodachi Life and Splatoon, have joined PopJam to safely engage and interact with kids in the UK on mobile and tablet.

PopJam, the largest kids-only social content platform in the UK (and part of our platform since September), is already being used by some of the most popular brands and personalities to build fun and ongoing conversations with kids and teens. Publishers Bloomsbury Books and Puffin Books, YouTube stars Dan and Phil and magazines GirlTalk and Horrible Histories are amongst the early adopters.

Nintendo UK have joined the prestigious list of kids content creators to set up a dedicated channel on the app (and the news is already spreading). PopJam users will be able to create and share their own Nintendo inspired fan-art, take part in quizzes, complete puzzles or watch videos featuring their favourite Nintendo franchises.

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In the words of Nintendo: “Making people smile and capturing the imagination continues to be at the heart of Nintendo’s software offering,” comments Jose Martinez, Head of Digital Strategy, Nintendo UK. “We’re excited to be bringing the likes of Super Mario, Animal Crossing, Tomodachi Life and Splatoon to this hub of creativity and seeing what it inspires. PopJam, with its focus on celebrating artistic endeavour amongst kids and allowing them to share their creations in a safe and trusted environment, was a natural partner for us as we look for new and innovative ways to inspire playfulness and imagination”.

“PopJam has become the key safe-social platform for brands to engage with 7-13 kids across mobile and tablet”, states our CEO, Dylan Collins. “As both fans and partners, we’re incredibly excited to have Nintendo join the rapidly growing PopJam community”.

To sign up for Nintendo’s PopJam channel, download PopJam for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

If you’d like to find out more about setting up an official channel on PopJam to safely interact with kids and inspire their imaginations on mobile, drop us a line!